Recreational Mathematics

Mathematical playground.

Occasionally, I am interested in problems beyond number theory. Most of these projects are carried out with students as undergraduate research. This page is dedicated to original mathematical results or observations. For possibly related popularization articles, please see my other webpage on Didactics & Outreach.

Miscellanea (from notes to papers)

  1. Foliazioni semiolomorfe e sottovarietà Levi piatte di una varietà complessa, my Master thesis pdf and its summary pdf.
  2. Some variants of the intermediate value theorem for the rationals, pdf.
  3. Original proof of the Chinese Remainder Theorem: The Chinese Remainder Clock, College Journal of Mathematics, vol. 48, no. 2, March 2017, 82-89, link.
  4. Closed paths for arithmetic billiards: with Joe Reguengo da Sousa (Bachelor student) and Sebastiano Tronto (PhD student), Arithmetic billiards, Recreational Mathematics Magazine, vol. 9, no. 16, June 2022, 43-54, link.
  5. General arithmetic billiards: One result with Bruno Carvalho da Veiga (Bachelor student), pdf.
  6. General congruence theorems for convex polygons: with Emiliano Torti (Postdoc), Congruence Theorems for convex polygons involving sides, angles, and diagonals, International Journal of Geometry, vol. 12, no. 1, 2023, 83-92, link.
  7. On the planar configurations of Rubik Snakes: with Francesco Grotto (Postdoc) and Tatjana Van Steenbergen Bergeron (High-school pupil), Rubik Snakes on a plane, to appear in the College Mathematical Journal.
  8. Graph theory meets arithmetics: with Tim Seuré (Master student) and Vincent Wolff (PhD student), Divisibility Graphs and Modular Multiplication Tables, to appear in the American Mathematical Monthly.