Math Around the Clock

Some mathematical clocks where the numbers from 1 to 12 are written in an original way.
You can print and use the clock dials. Take the challenge and make your own mathematical clock!
See also the article in Plus Magazine and some notes.


The Pi-Clock

A mathematical clock based on the number pi.
With basic arithmetic operations, and the floor and ceiling functions.
(Download the PDF.)

The 7-Clock

A mathematical clock based on the number 7.
With basic arithmetic operations only.
(Download the PDF.)

The Primes-Clock

The clock with the prime numbers.
Only the prime numbers are displayed.
(Download the PDF.)

The Maya-Numerals-Clock

The clock with Maya numerals.
The dot stands for '1', the bar stands for '5'.
(Download the PDF.)

The Chinese-Numerals-Clock

The clock with Chinese numerals.
(Download the PDF.)

The 123-Clock

The clock with 1-2-3.
Only the digits 1,2, and 3 are used (exactly once and in this order). With the factorial and the floor function.
With some inspiration from As easy as 1-2-3.
(Download the PDF.)

The 333-Clock

The clock with three times 3.
Only the digit 3 is used, and exactly 3 times. With the factorial, and a repeating decimal.
With some inspiration from Immer drei mal drei.
(Download the PDF.)

The Binary-Clock

The clock with the numbers in the binary numeral system.
(Download the PDF.)

The empty clock

To make your own mathematical clock.
  • The PDF file for printing an empty clock and writing on it.
  • The tex file for a LaTeX program, where you just need to insert the mathematical expressions for the numbers from 1 to 12.


  • The e-clock. Based on the Euler's number e.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 1-clock. Based on the number 1.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 2-clock. Based on the number 2.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 3-clock. Based on the number 3.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 4-clock. Based on the number 4.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 5-clock. Based on the number 5.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 6-clock. Based on the number 6.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 7-clock. Based on the number 7.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 8-clock. Based on the number 8.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 9-clock. Based on the number 9.
    (Download the PDF.)