Mathematical Clocks

Below some clock dials where the numbers from 1 to 12 are written in an original way.
You can print the pdf file and insert the image inside a real clock.
You are also challenged to make your own mathematical clock!


The Pi-Clock

A mathematical clock based on the number pi.
With basic arithmetic operations, and the floor and ceiling functions.
(Download the PDF.)

The 7-Clock

A mathematical clock based on the number 7.
With basic arithmetic operations only.
(Download the PDF.)

The Primes-Clock

The clock with the prime numbers.
Only the prime numbers are displayed.
(Download the PDF.)

The Maya-Numerals-Clock

The clock with Maya numerals.
The dot stands for '1', the bar stands for '5'.
(Download the PDF.)

The Chinese-Numerals-Clock

The clock with Chinese numerals.
(Download the PDF.)

The 123-Clock

The clock with 1-2-3.
Only the digits 1,2, and 3 are used (exactly once and in this order). With the factorial and the floor function.
With some inspiration from As easy as 1-2-3.
(Download the PDF.)

The 333-Clock

The clock with three times 3.
Only the digit 3 is used, and exactly 3 times. With the factorial, and a repeating decimal.
With some inspiration from Immer drei mal drei.
(Download the PDF.)

The Binary-Clock

The clock with the numbers in the binary numeral system.
(Download the PDF.)

The empty clock

To make your own mathematical clock.
  • The PDF file for printing an empty clock and writing on it.
  • The tex file for a LaTeX program, where you just need to insert the mathematical expressions for the numbers from 1 to 12.


  • The e-clock. Based on the Euler's number e.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 1-clock. Based on the number 1.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 2-clock. Based on the number 2.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 3-clock. Based on the number 3.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 4-clock. Based on the number 4.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 5-clock. Based on the number 5.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 6-clock. Based on the number 6.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 7-clock. Based on the number 7.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 8-clock. Based on the number 8.
    (Download the PDF.)
  • The 9-clock. Based on the number 9.
    (Download the PDF.)